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Furniture Refinishing Specialists

At Kiri’s Spray Shop, we give furniture a new lease of life. With over thirty years experience in the paint spraying and refinishing industry, we provide high quality, durable spray painting and refinishing for residential and commercial furniture, and can paint a wide range of materials, including plastic, wood, MDF, glass, metal and more.

Professional spray painting is an effective and affordable way of restoring tired or dated furniture, or achieving the colour you require on a new piece of furniture. Our process provides an attractive, easy to clean coating for all interior design projects from striking corporate offices, to your family home. We’ve also developed specialist techniques for spraying raw materials such as MDF to produce excellent results for bespoke joinery projects.

We work with a range of clients from commercial, trade and consumer categories, including household named brands, advertising and marketing agencies, joiners and carpenters, interior designers and more.

We use the highest quality materials and equipment to achieve outstanding results. We can paint your furniture in any colour, including metallics, pearlescents, clear lacquers and solid colours, and almost any finish, from full gloss, to satin, to full matt and everything in between. The possibilities are virtually limitless: Your furniture, your way.

As seen on TV!

Back in 2014, we were delighted to welcome the BBC Two production crew to take part in the filming of “The £100k House: Tricks of the trade”, a home improvements show which has also recently been re-aired. Here’s our 15 minutes of fame.

We’ve spray painted all sorts of items since then, with some of the more unusual requests including pumpkins, mannequins, hedge trimmers and more! Take inspiration from some of the items we have already refinished; have a look at the photos in our refinishing and spray painting gallery to see the results, or visit our spray painting services page for more information about our work.

project ideas

Freshen up your tired kitchen units with a clean, high gloss paint finish. We can also repair damage and fill handle holes or recesses during the preparation process, allowing for a full, sleek make over.

Flat packed furniture can be given a new lease of life in any colour you desire and by adding additional details or smoothing seams, turning inexpensive IKEA-esque furniture into something altogether more special.

colour options

The possibilities are endless. We can provide almost any colour you can think of, with the ability to apply the paint in gloss, matt or satin finishes, including solid colours, metallics, clear lacquers and much more.

We can also match any industry standard colour range, such as the RAL and BS colour charts.

See RAL colour chart

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If you would like to discuss your ideas, or have any questions, please feel free to call or email us with your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for the finishing process, in terms of pricing and turnaround time.

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